Islam v. Cristianity debates

Islam v. Cristianity debates

Postby Cyrus1 » Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:12 pm

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Islam v. Cristianity debates

I liked the mention of Batman and Spiderman battle. The problem however is that those kids are not just playing. What would you say if these two heroes were real in fact? Because we have such a specific situation here.

Please be not blind. Because now each of the opposing sides does not see what the other side is certain to see. How come? Both sides are equally strong in their views. I do not think that only one of them is blind... they both are blind either in seeing what is not visible at all or by not seiing what is openly visible.

So either both ways towards God are a mirage or both of them are equally real and worthy.
If the latter conclusion is true, it means that God made different contradicting ways to believe Him on purpose. Which will always be assumed as an insult upon human being but let's face the truth.
So now we see that both Batman and Spiderman are real. They both represent the same idea of GOOD. So why should they and their followers be clashing against each other instead of combining their efforts against common enemy who stands by an opposing idea of BAD!

Please do understand, God made two supeheroes on purpose so that they COMPETED against each other but not so that they FOUGHT against each other. The competition winner will be the one who will succesfully fight against the common enemy and not against a friend.

When I confront a muslim I give him present instead of beating him. I show unconditional love and kindness so that I could prove him that my religion is more about good God than his since he did not brought a present for me or is feeling hatred a priori. Therefore he now must choose whether he believes in good God and takes my way as a better manifestation of good God, or he acknowleges what he is preaching not so good inperfect God by staying in his old path. Anyway, by givin g him a present and my love I always make the common enemy SATAN to suffer greatly.

So as you see the competition is not about citing and reciting verses from sacred books but it is far more physical in nature. And I have to admit from my experience that generally ordinary muslims all in all are more keen to show good-mannered attitude than christians. Yes they seem to have more instant arrogance but at the same time they express more honest well-wishing. It looks sometimes that they really care about you more than you care about them. So sometimes I am worried that I must convert to Islam as it is somehow closer to good GOD Sometimes I feel I am a lonely warrior in fight against the enemy Satan and competitor Islam. So my dear christian firiends please asist me instead of making me feel ashamed when you write abusive posts.

I am an ordinary guy from East. I bear the name of Cyrus because my mission is to lead good will people out of captivity of wrong illusions.
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Re: Islam v. Cristianity debates

Postby Cyrus1 » Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:06 am

I was asked what form does it take to fight Satan and whether Satan does exist at all?

Now here is what I have to say as an answer:

If you really want to hear an answer to your question, you must first tell something about yourself. Anything...

Oh yea, there does not exist such thing as Satan except in our head. But who cares, cause that is all what matters. Its all about conventions, but still it is important to talk about satan if we people invented it. Otherwise it would look as if we are simply stupid if we do not acknowledge things that we ourselves give birth to.

So lets talk about essence of the matter.

So far I am certain that there are specific things that you simply like or do not like. Now, take one of the latter and imagine that it lasts forever. This is hell physically. It is a resemblance of spiritual pains which hurts even more. Spiritual pain is to feel that you are not loved by the one who makes you to be aware of your existence whatever it may be. For example, spiritual pain is felt by any creature which is aware that it was created to be ridiculed.

I say, that in the name of God you should be spared from anything that makes you unhappy eternally. Satan is anything that opposes this desire of mine. My fellow christian and muslim friends wish you the same but they sometimes forget it and start quarreling between themselves about who cares more. Imagine that you are suffering from thirst and need a glass of water. So these dear friends are quarelling who of them is more hospitable instead of just taking a glass of water and giving it to you. Satan is anything that makes them forget you, do you understand? So now you tell me what form does it take to fight Satan?

So far I do not waste time in pondering why people should be thirsty at all. It is not my business. My business is to act accordng to my faith in any given circumstances.

Now I really must prove that what I believe. Since I believe that there is good God I accordingly do everything to prove it. I create new physical reality. My reality is all about care for every human being. If you want different reality be brave and tell that.

Please forget all that sophisticated bull***. We invented religions and laws for the purpose of helping ourselves do not forget to take care of ourselves and others. Yet is so stupid to exert all our efforts in examination of the things that do not have any value in themselves. Religions are only means for us to simply love each other. Religions are different so that we would be able to divide into factions and achieve higher goals through competition which motivates us even more. So let's not forget the true goal.
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