The choice of sacrifice

The choice of sacrifice

Postby Cyrus1 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:15 pm

The question is whether it was right move for God to sacrifice his son instead of himself?

The answer is “yes”. Why?

Let's start from the remark that we people see this situation as a wholly negative issue. It is understandable that in such an ordeal anyone is choosing the lesser evil. That's why fathers would step up for they kids. And sacrifice themselves instead of their kids. To do otherwise would make much bigger pain to the fathers, believe me. So, smart people are choosing accordingly.

But in the Christ’s case we have different outlook. God was not under pressure to make such a choice. Here the sacrifice is totally positive issue because it enables Him to redeem the whole world. God is not playing here the smart man. Instead, God has to make the dearest sacrifice and it happens to be the sacrifice of his son. What could be dearer?

O course, infinite God is in no need to make sacrifices to be enabled to do something or anything. I am looking from a perspective of a man, not a God. It is quite sure for anyone that an Almighty God (at least the God from Bible) is in no need for anything. That said, we still have to ask ourselves why is God then doing that sacrifice. And the answer is that he does all that stuff only for us, poor silly people.

See, there is a constant problem with some people who cannot just love a priori, be good a priori, who cannot just believe in loving God a priori. No, they are still aggressively requiring evidence be it miracles, enormous deeds or something else of the sort. So, poor God has to involve himself in never ending plays to satisfy these stupid needs of people. What is more absurd is that people get the most satisfied and assured only when they see blood and cruelty.

So there was no other option for God but to sacrifice his beloved Son in one of the most brutal ways. This done, we Christians can worship God at last. The fact that Jesus never died on the cross would bring us a big disappointment and who knows, maybe we would stop following his commandments. That is why God had to make this for sure that Jesus really died for us. And He reminds us everyday through priests, posters and others, so that we would not forget this.

This task is quite difficult so it is good to know for God that He at least does not have to do the same with a billion or so of Muslims. These Muslim people are less demanding, somehow more restricted. To make them follow commandments of Good and Love, God only needed to present a prophet from the middle of desert. At least nobody was killed there and the Prophet lived happily ever after. And also these guys are OK with the fact that the whole world was not redeemed. They simply do not dare to ask for it. In fact Muslims are so humble that they would never ask God to show his love to them by sacrificing what is dearest to him or anything at all. The only irritating thing is that Muslims envy our position and try persuade us to be as humble as they are, they say Jesus didn't die for us.

But it does not mean that God is more pleased with humble Muslims than Christians because His love is unlimited. Since it is the same I would stay with Christianity because I am a bit spoiled child. I want Son of God to tell me what to do. I think that if somebody must boss me around it would better be Son of God, nothing less, or I would not listen.

Of course, it would be different if God wasn’t a loving kind, but he is (Bible teaches so), so we can rest assured. You see, God wants us to love him not because He needs this love for Himself but because He knows that we feel better when we do love Him. He is always thinking how to make us happy. You will not find a more diligent servant like God is.

So, now, after this long introduction let us answer some questions.

How could God be enabled to redeem the whole world?

According to minds of ordinary people in order to do anything extraordinary you must do something extraordinary. God paid attention to this and came to conclusion that only sacrifice of the dearest will make this silly people think that they are redeemed. Because otherwise they will never let themselves to be persuaded that God really loves them.

Does God need enabling?

He actually does not need it but it is necessary to become enabled in our minds.

What was the whole world being redeemed for (what did they do)?

No idea, really. Some people somehow feel so guilty for everything what they did or what others did, so that there is no other clever way but to surrender to this and make a fool play for them. Its like you would go to mental hospital, you would have to surrender to the absurd claims of the patients in order to convince them to do something for their own benefit, like “please mister Elvis eat something” cause otherwise he would die out of starvation.

Why Son of God had to be sacrificed?

No way, nothing less than his Son. God knows, that you would never buy people with something less than sacrificing Son of God unless they are less demanding like Muslims.
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