God's 10 commandments provide information only

God's 10 commandments provide information only

Postby Cyrus1 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:38 pm

God's commandments are given to people so that they could check who they really are, what is their nature. People are saved not because of works but becausue of faith. But faith is reflected in the works; otherwise you will never b able to know what is your faith, whether you're a good man or not, i. e. whether you're following what God likes or not.

There is a commandment “You shall not commit adultery“. If you make adultery you understand that you are breaching one of the commandments of God, which means that you do not have true faith if you behave like this. So it is a very simple test of faith. The only thing that matters is the understanding. The only real value of human existence is ability to understand something.

In this illusionary world you are able to perceive whether you are loved by God or not. An adulterer in the background of said commandment just realizes that he is an adulterer and therefore he is not God's beloved. If it wasn’t so, then the situation would not exist, and he would never even think about it. Now, however he himself cannot change anything about it, because after all he is created to be adulterer. If there were no commandment prohibiting adultery he would never know he is a sinner. And now he knows who he is and he cannot change the past. But if a miracle happened, his true identity may be changed. If he was given new identity he would have open the eyes of the new man. Now he would never engage in adultery, because being a new man he would never even desire sexual activities with other women. For the man himself does not change and does not choose what to do, but only acts according to his true identity. The one who condemns orgies because of envy is still the man with former identity, he is no better than those who participate in orgies since he is equally as keen to the orgy, just do not dare. He is by no means more pure, because it's not the point whether or not he took part in orgies because all we care is the state of man’s identity which is rotten nevertheless. The identity is either pure or rotten, there is no other way. Actual involvement in orgies is not sin itself, but the certain identity is sinful. The man who has an identity of adulterer will manifest it differently. Some of them will manifest by getting into orgies, while others will express it by getting envy watching what the first group is doing.

A person is sentenced for his identity, rather than work. Works just show him and others who his. Therefore the primary function of the commandments is only means of information. Therefore, the apostles and the Bible say that man is saved not by works, but by faith. If works were something more than only information about the state of being the apostles would say otherwise. Since the work is only information, so they do not change anything. For example information about the movements of celestial bodies has no effect on the body movement. If you are saying that the Earth revolves around the Sun or vice versa, it will remain only correct or incorrect information, but those bodies will rotate according to their own order. But works are important because they enrich our understanding about why truly we are.

Meanwhile, the new man just does not participate in orgies, which is alien to him, and this has nothing to do with the virtue of abstention. The new man simply does not need such virtue. Why should he bother himself with the thoughts of abstention from adultery if he simply does not desire it. As an example, we could look into a situation where a person is very much in love. At that time, all thoughts his thoughts are concentrated only to his beloved person. He does not even manage to see and desire the butt of other women even walking right in front of him. Now tell me do you think this man in love cares about abstention, i. e. how to stay faithful and kill the rising desire? He does not have to suffer the pain of abstention because he simply does not desire anything sinful.

But there is a warning for those who still desire. The very fact that you desire manifests your rotten identity. And this is something you should be in worry about. Even though you manage to abstain from involvement in adultery does not change anything because your identity does not change because of the fact that you abstained from adultery. You must have a new identity and be a person who does not have any need to abstain because he simply does not desire those things.
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