Wicked judge

Wicked judge

Postby Cyrus1 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:15 pm

What should we do when we encounter injustice, i. e. dishonest judge?

People do not trust the judiciary and curse them. But nothing has changed, because people are themselves worthy of such courts. It is therefore necessary to look for ways to become unworthy of corrupt or unskilled judiciary and how to make those dishonest judges to get right.

I want to say that my goal is not just a Bible study or a general discussion on topics of religion. I have a particular wish to launch a new reality. Therefore it is necessary to publicly express the principles and working mechanism of the new reality. The more people read it, the more this new idea is going to materialize. Then we will just wait for the competition between the new idea and the old ideas.

So what kind of reality are we going to create?

Let‘s remember that it is futile attempt of removal of the speck of dust from brother's eye when a huge log stays in our own eye. The new reality must be fully functional. Hence the fight against injustice firstly the fight with our own injustices, we need to do so, otherwise we will not achieve sound resonance, which would launch a new reality. Second, by establishing corrective measures to educate others we must accept the fact that they are applicable to us also if we would behave the same, because this is the only way for us to "sign up" to the new regime to take its benefits.

People make a mistake when they feel hostility to their enemies. Don’t fool ourselves, because the one who express hostility is the one who deserves to have enemies. So we must do otherwise. We should preclude the situation that the sinful deeds of other people are justified by our subsequent actions. Of course, we are not able to evade sufferings but we can change the reason why this has happened. It depends only on us whether the assailant applied to us because he had to punish us for the same behavior or whether he applied to us in order for the reality of his world to be compromised. In his world it is a norm that everybody is hurt. If we detest injustices why should we support this wicked reality by aiding assailant when we abuse him also? Thus, you should observe the wicked person with a look of compassion instead of hatred. Try to understand that he is in a real mess if his soul is taking such a drastic action.

You see, in fact the soul of the assailant is hoping that the victim would pay attention to its cry for help. The soul wants the victim to take right educational measures. Howeverk, what the victims usually do, is that they turn away from that work by responding with the same kind of behavior (the same request for assistance) or by abstaining from any actions out of neglect.

Therefore, when we are asked to take care of somebody we have to do it. The soul of the wicked judge is dark. This conclusion is indirect, because if that soul were cleaner, it would never be placed in the wicked judge's body.

Should we desire that the judge would loose his job, as most people desire in such case? But there is no point in it, since we will block only one of the ways to express a plea for help. His soul will lose the opportunity to receive treatment and will have to find another expression, perhaps that of a serial killer. Thus, it is not an option. On the other hand his removal from the position of judge is necessary, because he exerts so much of aggression to the surrounding world. Medication after all, is a bitter thing. Hence, we need to reconcile the two conflicting interests, namely we should not bar the soul from a possibility to call fro help but we also have to stop aggression.

Hence before we discard a man out of his position, we have to respond to his call for help. In this case we have to express our goodwill. Therefore, we look at him in the same manner as we look at our relatives and family members. His soul needs to see that its call for help is addressed properly. Remember that everything what matters is not the actions but the spirit that lies behind those actions. So what does the soul need? Namely, that we throw the body out of the position with love in our heart and care for the spiritual well being of the soul. Harsh actions must still take place. The souls pay little concern about such material issues as wealth, career, prestige. Therefore throw wicked judges fro the job in your mind, but be sure to correctly apply your well wishing spiritual stance. Once you do that the soul will find ease and things will settle down.

Why does the soul become quiet? Because she is assured that God is good, if there are people who do not leave behind even the biggest felonies.

There is also one practical advice. Our spiritual condition is much related to the physical condition. Therefore we should be smart. We should not allow the stress distort our spiritual condition. Therefore, when we take care in our mind of the enemies we should be not only spiritually but also physically calm. So it is better to breath deeply and steady. We should allocate time for this kind of actions instead of doing it atr the same time we are for example eating or working.

The mentioned method is also very good because it protects us from a mistake. Good-disposed people can not do anything wrong. If, for example, we made a mistake, then the judge will not lose job because our intention was primarily to take care of his welfare. And a welfare of just judge is keeping his job.
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