How to change destiny of other people?

How to change destiny of other people?

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God is a perfect director of the play

According to a Western approach, which is based on modern Christianity, we are all separate, independent characters. We've got separate lives, so you can easily tell who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. Painful issue still is the question whether it may happen that we will be paerted from our beloved ones? In a more assertive wing of this approach we hear talks that everyone will go where they deserve so even families will be divided. The family members who have faith and other members who are sinners are to go to separate places, i.e. they will be eternally separated from each other. Representatives from the mild wing of the Western approach are not so sure and they recommend praying for loved ones, but they do not guarantee anything, because every man is the master of his destiny. They only hope is that prayers will help the sinners to find true faith.

Under Oriental approach, everything is seen as one indivisible matter. Divisibility is not recognized. Here no one can get lost or separated from otghers. According to this approach, if it is necessary your human soul will live many lives, but eventually reach enlightenment. Therefore it is not possible that someone will eternally stay in Paradise while other inh Hell because they all are indivisible parts of one matter. So either all people will stay in Hell or all of them will happen to get to Paradise. Under this approach a human being consists not only of certain body and certain consciousness but also everything else what happens around him is a part of him. For example if you look on a passerby in the street, under Western approach you see another person who happened to get into your eyesight just by a coincidence and that means nothing to you. On contrary, under Oriental approach that passerby is somehow connected with you, he is a part of you, he is one of the characters of your life “movie”. It is not a coincidence that he has got into your eyesight. So in this latter approach any onlooker is the only independent character and all the rest are enslaved to serve his needs. Therefore you are responsible for anything that happens to you. If a thief has robbed you, you do not blame him since he was taking special part in your “movie” in order to release you from money which for example was a menace for you since you were fully absorbed with thoughts about material things and forgot spiritual treasures.

Both approaches are not fully intact when taken separately. They must be combined because I believe that God is perfect director of the play. He may work on two separate storylines at the same time. For example child is killed through abortion not only to teach a lesson to his mother but also for some reasons connected only with the baby himself and the mother now is only a servant to his needs to be killed. If we take this combines approach we see that people are separate beings and at the same time they interact into each other “movies” or “worlds”. Therefore it is not only a mere coincidence that they meet each other but on the other hand no one of them is dominating this interaction. Both are equal masters and servants. This finding may help to answer many practical questions how to act and what sort of behavior is appropriate.

Is it possible to change the other person through our own changeover? Remember if we are masters of our “movies” we are able to control every character in it by changing them to other characteristics or by eliminating them. For example, if your spiritual status attracts an abusive spouse, by making your mental attitude different you may achieve that the spouse would lose his abusive character or the character just disappears somehow, i.e. through death, through finding another victim and so on. However, as I said before there are other independent “movies” apart our own “movie”. In those “movies” someone else is a master and we are only characters serving his needs. Therefore the abusive partner also has his own “movie” and for some reason it was inevitable that a victim would take place in it.

When you act as a servant in others “movie” you have to ask yourself what message about the master you are conveying. For example, if you are abusing someone it means that your task as a servant is to do this for the needs of the master. But why does he need this? He was abusing other people and now he must get the taste of that it means to be abused. So, you are doing a good job for his behalf. But this is wrong thing for yourself because here your also see what is awaiting yourself. Do you want this end? Do you want yourself being abused later so to get the knowledge of the victim of the abuse? I don’t think so. Remember these words of Jesus „Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!“ (New Internationa Version, taken from Therefore be wise and do not take servant role where it is detrimental to yourself. You better take the role of the one who is caressing and consoling others.

But what if we do not want to separate from the beloved ones no matter how wrong they are to us? That means we have to change him not only through our own changeover because this does not guarantee his changeover, but we must also take active role in his own “movie” and strictly educate him. And do not forget that the relationship is going both directions. His sinful character may try to change yours to the worse. So you have to fight with that influence and sometimes you have to take harsh measures. Yet the problem discussed above stays the same. We do not want to hurt other because this is detrimental to ourselves. Therefore we have to find a way how to punish others for their own sake but do not make a sin.

You are allowed to take active measures to regulate the destiny of other person only if you have corrected yourself first. Your motive must be true love towards him which is totally different from such motives as revenge, contempt, manipulation, feeling of possession etc. So if someone has done an injury to you, you have to rebuke him anyway, but the important distinction is your inside motivation. If you have rebuked after you were taken by sheer anger since you were hurt it is not OK, you have to forget yourself completely and start rebuking the wrongdoer with only thought of wishing him happiness and caring for him that he may not get into even deeper problems without your rebuking. See, you may rebuke another person out of rage or out of compassion. Either way you are acting as a servant to his needs. But only in the latter case you do your job to his behalf not out of coincidense but wittingly out of good intentions. Only this way you are acting as servant and not making a sin when you are really hurting others. Lets look to Jesus case for a deeper analysis.

Jesus commanded us to turn another cheek, but He also warned bystanders who were mourning for him on the way to Golgota that they should better mourn for themselves. This suggests the duality that I was talking about. In the primary world of Jesus where He is a master, He did everything that everyone was saved from Hell. But at the same time each of his assailants had their own worlds also. Unfortunately Jesus was not a master in these worlds. He was simply an auxiliary character there. He was fully aware that his sacrifice would not save people from sufferings if they themselves would not turn away from they defiled characteristics. What Jesus achieved was to save people at least from Hell if not from any kind of sufferings. He, acting as a master, had destroyed Hell in his own world and therefore we, who have the priviledge to be characters of His world, will not face Hell. God is perfect artistic director and our „movies“ function simultaneosly with Jesus „movie“ which means that we all have influence to one another.

But what if there are people who are creating Hell in their own „movies“? That means that the conflict arises and the winner will be the one who has more to given than to take. Both Jesus and an evildoer are exerting their influence upon each other by acting as masters in their own worlds respectively. But also both are going into each others worlds as servants with tasks assigned to them by the God Writer. Jesus as a master going to make a sacrifice needs servants, who would kill him on the cross. Now look, his assailants did not do the job because they cared for Jesus mission but they did it because they hated Jesus. Nevertheless by coincidence they were companions in Jesus strive to anihilate Hell. Remember Jesus said „Forgive them because they don‘t know what they are doing“. These vilains thought that they are persecuting someone but they could‘t even imagine that in reality they are co-workers of Jesus. Thanks to Writer, Jesus makes a miracle and makes the sacrifice in behalf of those who had crossed Him.

Therefore although unwillingly these servants got what they did not deserve because of their wrong intentions but which they deserve for aiding Jesus although they did it unknowingly. They are spared from eternal suffering because Jesus deed shows that God surprisingly loves even these vilains therefore Hell do not exist. Now lets take a look to what is happening simultaneously in vilain‘s world. Vilain as a master of his world. He is creating Hell, i.e. notion that there is no righteousness, that God may not love some people. He manifests this by killing people who do not deserve to be killed. He also needs a servant for his mission. Since Jesus is a man without sin he is a perfect servant for such mission of the vilain. If these things were let to stay as they are we would consider that Hell really exists. Therefore the educational measures are needed. Purgatory instead of Hell. This servant died on the cross for the benefit of the master. This means that God really loves master although master thinks otherwise. So the master received benefit. In this case it is non-eternal physical suffering. This benefit may be given only by the one who has already suffered this and dedicates it to others. Jesus while dying on the cross was thinking about the spiritual prosperity of his attackers. So he brought physical sufferings to his assailants but did it because of love for their own behalf to be cured out of wrongfull state.

Access to the bad guys leads primarily through your own purification. And then you make something good to them even in the common sense of what is good. For example, you please him by something. But eventually you must resort to measures which are the real good although it is very bitter on the surface. To do good for the vilain‘s behalf is not to give him a candy, but instead to administer some hits. This would give him a good lesson and who knows maybe he would stop hurting others.

In order to educational work effectively here are some tips:
1. You will always be more effective towards someone who already have hurted you, because you already took the suffering so you now you have something painful to share with him. Only painful things make people to stop and consider their wrongfull ways.
2. You will always be more effective towards the one who is close to you. We are talking here about relatives. That is why you have to get the attitude towards the wrongdoer as your true relative.
3. Remember it is always easier to hand in something to another person if it is a „thank-you“ present. The person would not even consider whether to take your present or not. So, try to imagine what could possibly good have you received from the wrongdoers and thank them in your prayers. For example you could say, that the wrongdoer indirectly have helped you to become a better person, to start thinking about others and so on.
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