Marriage and divorce

Marriage and divorce

Postby Cyrus1 » Wed May 26, 2010 11:10 am

Cyrus1 comments on

Bishop Arne Rudvin, Norway „What Jesus said about divorce and Remarriage"
Article found at this address

Article is placed in the site
(p. s. It is a very good site and I recommend to visit it)

Now please read the article cited above so that you will have knowledge about this issue I am going to discuss here with the honourable writer.

Bishop Arne Rudvin in his article makes this conclusion:

„ On this background it is overwhelmingly probable that Jesus with “porneia” meant exactly that
which in Deuteronomy is an unambiguous judicial expression for the bride not being a virgin.”

I, writing under pseudoname of Cyrus1, have to say the following:

I agree with this conclusion about what the word “pornea” stands for. But have you ever really thought about the outcome of such conclusion? A man cannot marry and must without hesitation divorce the bride who is not a virgin because she is already a spouse of somebody else. This is the only logical explanation why Jesus makes an exception to His universal rule prohibiting divorce. Of course, it is different with an adulterous wife who will never become a wife of another since she is married forever to you. This is why Jesus forbids divorce even on the event of adultery but the things are different with “pornea” issue. So, you cannot divorce your true (although adulterous) spouse but you must divorce spouse (who may even be the most faithful to you) if you find that she or he had sexual relations with another person before you, because it means she or he is a spouse of somebody else and therefore is leading adulterous life with you and makes you to sin also.

Now please count how many people have had intimate relationships before they married in church with different people. There are hundreds of millions if not even billions of them. In USA I believe more than a half of brides and grooms had sexual relations with somebody else prior to their current friendship with the one standing besides them at the wedding ceremony. And now please count how many priests and how many times these priest (whatever Christian denomination) have blessed this on-going adultery right in front of Christ, church and multiple viewers? Wedding at church is only a social event and it is the realm of prince of the world and not God. People make real marriage with the blessing of God when they get together for the first time in bed and make sex. What you basically get at church is only the human blessing of the Christian community which is supposed to strengthen your bond with the spouse socially because you are people among other people all taking part in the same struggle to be ardent followers of Christ. Marriage ceremony at church is very important but once again it does not constitute true marriage before God although we say that we marry at church.

A good evidence is the same words of Jesus. If He told that “what is joined by God cannot be separated by man”, when it would be forbidden to divorce even in the “pornea” case if the first marriage at church has anything to do with God. Apparently it is not forbidden to divorce in this “pornea” case, therefore it logically means that this first so-called marriage at church is not a divine thing but only human thing and therefore a husband of this kind of marriage can divorce his wife. But he cannot divorce the one with whom he slept for the first time. It is OK only if you marry at church the only person with whom you had sexual relationship. So honourable priests be cautious. If you find out during confession or by any other means that at least one of the fiancees has had sexual relationship with anybody else apart their fiancee do not bless their social marriage because it contradicts divine marriage which already had taken place.
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Re: Marriage and divorce

Postby Alec » Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:08 pm

I had many women but then i was stupid punk. I totally changed my ways now and try to foster serious relationship with my girlfriend. Isn't she my wife before the eyes of our Lord Jesus or is my past gonna haunt me forever?
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Re: Marriage and divorce

Postby Cyrus1 » Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:08 pm

There are two things you must consider. First, in physical world we have irreversable things bacause it is put in a time frame and we have memory which makes us to be accountable of what we do. Second, any person is divine creature and follows the laws of spiritual reality. That’s why you can throw away your sinful past and put on clean robes.

We must also consider that Jesus requested us to be perfect. If we fail we know that we have failed and that the first state of things is gone.

Listen Alec, you had a chance to be perfect in marriage matters because you were free to marry only one woman and be faithfull to her forever. You failed to do so and this is irreversable. You can still use this to your own advantage when you go and tell people your story and how uncomfortable you feel now that you will never ever be perfect in marriage matters.

Now, what you have done when you had intimate relationships with second, third and other women is called adultery. You made grievous sin.

The good news are that although we in some matters are no longer perfect we still have a possibility to repent as I way to succesfully deal with sins. Repentance conceals our sins. There is one important condition for the sins to stay concealed. We must stop making these sins again and now being twice as solemn to make an oath never do this again. Jesus also told one sinful lady that he is not going to throw a stone at her but she must refrain from behaviour of the past.

So, Alec if you will do such oath and from now on will stay faithull to your current wife you may have hope that this relationship will not be considered adultery but still all what happened before will be considered so. Your repentance does not delete your sins it only makes you spared from punishment as long as you keep a path of faith. The word “forgive” is not the same as “delete”. When somebody forgives you he ceases to be your master in physical reality but stays your master in spiritual reality. Therefore if you will not forgive others the spiritual master will return into physical sphere and punish you.

Your sin of the past is forgiven by your repentance. Your current relationship still have to be forgiven because technically it is ungoing sin of adultery against the first woman with whom you made marriage before the eyes of God. You still have a possibility to return to your first true wife. At least you must consider it. If it is truly not possible for important reasons you can waive such move. Escaping bigger sins stands as important reasons. If you truly love your current woman and she loves you it would be a great sin to kill this love and go seeking the woman whom you do not love and who doess not love you because you will not be able to born and raise happy children. And yes, in your current situation having a child would be a super strong argument to regard your current relationship as true marriage.

True faith is to believe one God. This faith encompasses understanding that there is no time frame. Therefore we cannot talk about first woman or second anymore. Imagine that all women were yours at the same time. Now which of them should be regarded as true wife? The one that is chosen by God to be the physical equivalent of your one eternal spiritual wife. The chosen one will always be put first in the time frame of this illusionary world because God does not sin. But sometimes people get into extraordinary situations for example when they find faith and change to a better man. The first woman they meet in the current state is not the first in their history. But remember God does not sin. Why would He give to a newborn true believer a woman which cannot be his wife? You only have to check whether it is not possible to come back to the first woman in your history. If it is not possible when you stay with current woman who is the first after your changeover. She is now physical equivalent of your spiritual wife. The only bad thing is that you are not perfect anymore. Your sinful past will always stand as an devil’s argument that God did not love you from the beginning. Therefore, you must have a guardian who would pay you out of the Devil. These guardians are those true believers who ar still perfect in this marriage issue. The share the same faith therefore you are brothers. Devil cannot separate you. He cannot make your brothers go to hell because they are perfect but he cannot put you to hell either because brothers cannot be separated since they are one flesh.

Therefore all your hope is now placed in God and your brothers who are still perfect at marriage issue. So you must take care of them that they would not fail. You have to strenghten them by your support of whatever means. If there is a church established you must contribute financially to its benefit because church takes care of its poor members, pays for the disemination of correct teaching, e.g. publishing books, creating webpages, etc. Anyway you must always support your brothers with kind words and prayers. I am glad to say that I still can be regarded as that kind of your brothers. I am also grateful for your support in advanse. I have not established church yet so we will not talk about your finansial assistance but please pray for me that I would not fall into this sin of adultery.

So, Alec be right and keep being faithfull to your current wife. Always remember that you were taken out of sin which is waiting to get you back. Therefore be strong and alert. Never relapse to adultery again and support those who are still perfect. But the most important thing is to praise God and hold true faith.
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