Spiritually poor are blessed

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Spiritually poor are blessed

Postby Cyrus1 » Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:24 pm

People keep asking me, "Why does God like spiritually poor and why the first shall be the last and the last shall be first? The answer gets very clear if you use the three-level model of test. The person who commits sins looks like he has no spiritual wealth (1 level). Is it true that God likes such person more? I don’t think so. After all, there are virtually millions places in Bible where it is clearly written that people who commit sins will go to Hell. Meanwhile, those who endure temptations and resist devil get some sort of spiritual remuneration for that. In other words they are spiritually rich people (2 level). However Jesus said that they are not the ones whom God loves the most. How come? I will try to explain. If you have ever read Jesus teachings consistently you may have noticed that He does not like Pharisee almost as much if not more than common sinners. So we have to admit that this world is not divided into 2 opposing parts of which one is good and another is bad. Rather both of the opposing groups are not perfect. And the so clever middle way is always a preferable option. So, our task is to find the third way. One desirable feature of the sinners is that they do not have spiritual wealth but the bad side of it is that they do not do good deeds and constantly sin. On the other hand a desirable feature of Pharisee kind is their hard work so we must work with the same zeal. The undesirable side here is the acquired wealth. The correct, third way would be to work as much as Pharisee but do not keep the money to ourselves so that we be as poor as the sinners are. We have to work hard, gain a lot and then easily and generously give all of the capital to others. Let’s take an example.

Stephen, the martyr, when being stoned to death exclaimed: “Lord, do not count that as a sin to them” (Acts 7:60). See, he could have covered of all his sins but instead he buys the sins of his attackers. He no longer possesses any spiritual wealth. He spend s all of it. To cover sins of some size you must suffer something of an equal size.

People who acquired a lot of wealth believe that they have more honor in God’s eyes and they try to sit nearer to God while folks like me are to humble to go there and we rather the seats far away. However God asks the first ones to get out of closest seats and calls the latter ones to come closer.
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