God created a man in two different fashions

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God created a man in two different fashions

Postby Cyrus1 » Fri May 07, 2010 6:00 pm

We should understand that, firstly, God is a creator of the story which we call life. He is an Almighty Writer, perfect in all respects. However, the Writer of the story is taking part in it as a Character also. It’s like an autobiography thing. Both the Writer and the Character is the same God, just manifesting Himself in different levels. God when he acts a as a character in the story is somewhat limited because he is only one of the unlimited characters of the story.

Let's look from the opposite direction. We people have physical bodies. Whom we should be grateful to for it? Of course we are grateful to our parents. But they themselves were born by somebody else, so perhaps we should express gratitude to our grandparents. But after all, even grandparents were born by somebody ... Finally, moving in that direction we will see that the origin of our physical body is not even in the man. I do not care whether a man has evolved from a lizard or a monkey or that he was just made like he is, because even this is not the original starting point. It is evident that even these so-called bio predecessors evolved from more basic origins or to say frankly from the earth dust. Yes it’s true that all living biological creatures evolved from the inanimate nature. Or if you take the theory that man was just made like he is, still our true origin is simply dust. After all, we know that for sure that we originated from a speck of dust and after death we return to dust.

Lets return to the point ... Should we after hearing these news give all our respect to spec of dust? But we are certain that we are so much more than dust. So we should now understand that the true creator of us is not the inanimate nature but something above the dust. Our creator is God. There was some moment in our physical history then the Character God took some dust and made a man alive either directly or through the evolution of biological creatures, whatever. He simply injected spirit in this dust. This is a radical point where inanimate thing turns to a living thing. This happen in this fashion simply because the story was written so. If we look in the story we see, that our real father is God from the story, i. e. character God. He is the One we should be grateful to for our physical existence.

What is amazing in this story is that only the creatures of God have independence from their creator. I can notice that we people have free will, because we are able to resist him in spiritual terms. Even if this character God has all power to our body, duration of life, he has no power at least to our inside thoughts about him. This idea makes me wonder. How can it be that a spec of dust can be so independent? If we could not even choose who we will be at birth and the date of the birth, how can we communicate with God as partners do? Is he still allmighty, omnipotent GOD? The Catholic Church and other Christian faiths say that God is Almighty, but they also stress that a man has free will to believe Him or not. Sorry, but it does not seem logical.

Look, when I make a toy soldier out of clay I seem to be an omnipotent creator. This toy soldier will never do anything that is against my will. Yet what happen to please me at first seems to disapoint me now. I realize that I am not an omnipotent creator becasue I cannot create anything that could be independent from my will. Only God can. The relationship between a man and God is quite complicated, because the creature does posses ability to resist the will of God. This could only mean that God is far more advanced creator than I am with a toy soldier. God is ultimate creator and only He can create something what could be independent from his will. But on the other hand we know that He would not be God if anything was not according to his will. Can we reconcile these two opposing issues?

To make it more simple let me ask this question "Can the almighty God create a stone which He would not be able to lift?” It is obvious that the Almighty God can create anything, but it is also true that he can lift anything. Thinking through the prism of human understanding seems to be a failure. If almighty God has created a man with a truly free spirit then God is no longer omnipotent, because that man becomes the stone which is too heavy to lift. On the other hand, if God can not create a free man, then he would too be not an almighty being in some sense, isn't it?

So, I realized that I have one more Father - God Almighty the Writer. He is the one who had created me. He created me not from dust but by simply telling my name. The Writer of the Story said my name which includes everything what I am, i. e. my history, environment, all my life, everything what I do and will do, all events. Writer creates me as a character of the story, simply by inventing me in the story. Yet, within the story the Writer writes that I was created from dust by God the Character.

I will give an example. Lets say I am a writer of a book about myself. I invent a character named "toy soldier" but I also make that toy soldier out of some material. So we see two different aspects of creation. This example is very simple because it goes only in one direction all the time. Either I write the story about unreal things or I write about something what happened in reality, i. e. that I brout a toy soldier in reality. However it is much more complicated in the case of God. He is at the same time not only imagining characters us unreal but he also is at the same time writing what he had actually did already. Both moments happens identically which will never be the case with a human. That is why only God is an ultimate omnipotent being.

Now I can explain why we have free will and at the same time we don’t have it. God in capacity of a Writer creates us as characters of the story therefore we are and do only what he desires. But in this special story written by Him, people are written as independent beings who has a capacity even to dissobey orders of God acting as a character of the story.

So the final conclusion would be that a man has a free will against God who created him from dust, because they are equal as a characters of the story but he has no free will against God Writer who invented him as character. A man can in no way to communicate with the Writer, because everything he says is what the Writer writes what he is saying. But the man can communicate with the Character God, because the Writer had written so.
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