God says: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay"

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God says: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay"

Postby Cyrus1 » Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:00 pm

Divine revenge

Humans do have spiritual means to overcome evil and to stay in peace. Lets talk about one of them. God is saying, " It is mine to avenge; I will repay" (Hebrews 10:30) which is a quote from Deut. 32:35:
“It is mine to avenge; I will repay.
In due time their foot will slip;
their day of disaster is near
and their doom rushes upon them."

So, lets talk about a revenge. But I am not talking about the same revenge as it is perceived by majority of people and which I have previously described in the forums as a sin. You see, revenge itself is not necessarily evil or the devil's work. But it may be used improperly (which is a common case with the people) and then only it becomes a sin and evil. Revenge, ideally, should be manifestation of justice, but if used incorrectly, it is a deprivation of justice. In the latter case it is no longer the divine revenge.

Revenge becomes a sin when it is used as a lie. For example, if you were hit by someone and you hit back, you tend to say that you had executed vengeance, because it was not you who struck first, but you are lying. In fact, it even cannot be called righteous vengeance what you have done. Because the interaction of two persons from the divine perspective is not put in time frame. There are no such things as “the first time” or “past events”. So from the divine perspective you see a specific "interaction" going on where two people simultaneously hit each other. Neither one of them is first, so neither of them is right. Both are evildoers. So, as you can see, hitting back is not the same kind of vengeance as God means by saying " It is mine to avenge; I will repay." So the problem is not the vengeance itself but the conduct of the person who uses vengeance only for a pretext.

The second major problem is that in most cases revenge is applied to incorrect object. Look, if Satan decided to tempt you to hit another person he may do it cunningly. He will make the other man to hit you first from the perspective of the material world timeline. We do not discuss the responsibility issue of the other man right now. We will talk about it later. But look, the real evildoer is not that man but the Satan. So why are you taking vengeance on the man, not Satan? The latter is the corerect object of the just revenge.

It can be inferred from what I have written that your revenge must not allow the formal equation with the wrong that has been done to you and that your revenge must be directed to the actual perpetrator.
But when you ask, “how is it possible to justly retaliate that this would not count as a sin but a good deed?”

First, start from the equation. If you were hit and you hit back, you fullfill the formal equation, i.e. hit = hit. Obviously, if you do this you are not rigteous and your revenge is sinfull because the formal equation is true, which means that you are in the same situation as your human adversary. By striking back you only create formal justice (blow for a blow) but no actual moral justice. By calling your actions a rightfull revenge you are lying because the interaction was allready in formal justice since you both were equal evildoers. You cannot say that you were doing justice because the very equation is allready a just matter since the other person can call his actions a revenge as well. In order to stay truthfull you can only say that you struck another man simply because you just wanted to bang him for no reason. Such a confession is formally correct, because you do not lie about what you have done, but you are still sinful, because God prohibits to express aggression for fun. Thus, when somebody is hitting you for no reason, you when retaliating must first deny any just reason for him to do it. You will simply do this right if you will abstain from striking back.

Let's examine the problems associated with the appropriate object of the revenge. Why is it generally wrong to strike back another person? Because every man is an image of God. You would hit the image of God which is the same as trying to hit God himself. But do you have any right to hit God who is perfect love and does no wrong. You have no such right. So why then you strike a man? You might say that the man have made harm to you. But was it an image of God who have harmed you? No. It was not an image of God who did this because God does not do such things. You were harmed by Satan who subdued that man for a moment. You can tell me that you had stricken the Satan who dwells in that man, but you are wrong once again. Devil subdues the man only to use him to tempt you, the man never becomes an image of the devil even though the devil subdues him so many time that almost all of his life he is under influence of devil. Even so, the man is still an image of God. So, be wise.

How to revenge right? You must perform such act that you would not be worthy of the original injustice, and at the same you have to take an active steps to do harm to the original offender - the devil. If you will hit an image of God, you will not hurt the devil, but will only please him, because after all he designed the whole situation that an image of God be beaten. Be wise, do not help devil in this goal. On the other hand, if you will resist the temptation to hit the man, but then you will only go your ways it would not count as a good deed also, because you will not do any harm to devil that way. The devil will just make another temptation for you or for other people. And you will also feel very uncomfortable because of the human nature to rest only after the revenge is done. You perfectly know what it feels like than you are hurt and you did not take revenge. It is a psychological trauma. So you desperately need some psychological relief. You must revenge. After all, a deep human desire to take revenge is not a baselesss thing. It has to do with deep perceptions of what is right and what is not right. So, the accumulated tensions must be poured out, otherwise people would not live for a long time. The relief comes only then you are able to see or imagine that the wrongdoer is also hurt. So we must find the ways how to make the devil suffer.

If you will knowingly accept your suffering as if you wanted it in order to redeem your assaulter, you will achieve that the devil was working for the good and just cause. Temptation in this situation looses all of its appeal. The devil, who wants to do only evil things will be befooled, because he did a good job which denies his essence as an evildoer. This means what you have brought a little light into his world. Remember that light destroys darkness. So it really hurts to the the darkness creature when it is being annihilated. Demons shriek, as if they were put on fire. When you will at last understand and imagine this, your desire to hurt the other man will vanish completely. Your only wish will become to hurt the devil by making him a good creature.

Retaliating in just manner you also will come at ease for one more reason. After suffering a harm on behalf of others you will see that it is much easier for you to walk in spiritual sense because you do not have any weight upon your back. You are not carrying any "money" since you spend all of it for the sake of others. I say this on purpose because there are many people who think otherwise. What they do is that they do not strike the assailant back but enjoy the fact that now they can blame the other person and send him to hell. On the same time they consider themselves as more pure, as sitting closer to God. They praise themselves for their wisdom to keep the laws of God. Tehye feel that they have eraned lots of "money", so they are rich before God. They disdain other sinful peolpe like pharisee did with their sinful contemporaries. But they are generaly wrong. At the feast of God they will be told to walk away from the places closiest to God and the poor in spirit who spent all of their spiritual money for salvation of other people (not salvation of themselves) will be called to sit near the Master.

OK, you will say, here we were talking about situation when someone hurts another man, but what about a case when someone is hurt by nature or fate? There we see also the devil's work, so we must look for standards of conduct by analogy to what have been told already. If you have the last stage of cancer, then you are being harnmd by human physiology or generally speaking - nature. How to respond, how to retaliate? Well if you curse God, then again, you only help the one who is really oppressing you in order to make you curse God. If you say that you deserve that gloomy situation because you were a bad person, it will be the better option for you. At least nominally in the realm of this illusionary Game you do not lie, but it does not reflect a true faith that there is one God and that no person has any personal liability outside the Game. Deploring yourself, you will die in a horrible despair, as if you have currsed yourself. So the only good option is the fird option. It is to designate your sufferings for the redemption of others by not letting you egoistic motives to win.

Therefore, say the following:
"I am suffering terribly and I could be proud of all of it before others, or I could tell that all of my sins are redeemed, but I want to die without taking any of it for myself. I better die sinfull with all my faults exposed, but please consider that I suffered enough to redeem other people includin those who have hurt me and those whom I have hurted. "

In this way you will preserve human dignity and will cause suffering to the devil.

Refuse spiritual remuneration of any kind. If you were insulted, do not take an offence, because the right to be offended is the salary received for the insult. And you drop it away. If you cannot prevent the other person from humiliating you, you can at least take steps not to humiliate yourself by taking the pay, i. e. the right to be offended and condemn the aggressor for that. It is better not to receive any pay, but do not become a fool. After all, people should maintain at least some basic dignity.

So, be wise.
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