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turn the other cheek

Postby Cyrus1 » Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:26 pm

Turn the other cheek

According to the faith about things"as they are" God created some people for respect, and others for disrespect. You may be angry at God, you may uproot your hair from the head, but it is the fact. That’s why I am asking you: look at yourself and tell whether God loves you? OR: What can be inferred about God from the way you behave and who you are?

Everyone is equal before the almighty God. No character can tell Him that he is in any way better than the other characters. Characters themselves cannot decide anything, they are what God as a Writer created them to be. God can exalt and humiliate anyone and noone will tell Him to do otherwise. Therefore, while all the characters are not equal between themselves they are all equal before the Creator. This is logical. This is a fundamental law of equality. If we believe in one God we should stop deceiving ourselves and begin to behave as though we are all equal even between ourselves.

"An eye for an eye" is a principle of equality. When someone takes your eye he destroys equality, which is restored by doing the same to him. This is both justice and the punishment, but not necessarily a revenge. This law has universal applicability and validity, therefore it is applied only by an institution of justice, which is never a case with a revengeful person. Justice is carried out in the courts. And the valid court is primarily the right man. If the victim is such a man he can do justice by taking that unpleasant action. But this is not revenge. And by contrast, if your eye was taken and you only retaliate by doing the same, you do not re-establish equality, but instead you do another offence. In this case you would be punished both. You will lose your second eye both. Thus, new problems arise. For example, if you are a judge or executioner will it give you much fun to deprive the eye of the guilty who is your brother? And you cannot resign from this task. And there is no other option because you cannot abstain and do nothing.

The second problem - who is able to carry out the Law? Because if you have made the same misconduct or any misconduct, how can you then rightfully apply the law by punishing your partners in crime? Isn’t it right then that you ask the same punishment for yourself also. Remember words of our Lord " For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. (Mathew 7:2, New International Version). In principle, no one can carry out such a Law, because the first rightfull thing you have to do is to get executed yourself. Jesus did not allow stoning a sinner, but not because the sinner did not deserve it, but because nobody was right to carry it out. Only Jesus was right and could carry it out, because he never did a sin, but he did not do it. Why?

"An eye for an eye" law is not withdrawn, it never was, but Jesus gave us another solution, an alternative way which is by far more acceseptable for us. He himself had shown how to behave. Now tell me how could we restore the equality and carry out the Law at the same time if we are not righteous enough to do it but we have to do it at any cost? The answer is simple: may God do this job on my account of suffering.

Matthew 5:39-42 lines are indeed compatible with the Mathew 5:38 line and stands as a better alternative option. Let us examine why is it so?
Look this: if I constantly slam the other person’s cheeks, if I myself require others to do me favours, to give me various things or lend me something and I even resort to violence in order to achieve it and now it happens that somebody else does the same with me, is it right? Of course it is. And I cannot say that he did it first because, as I have told before, we already were the first ones to do such things. Therefore in order to restore the equality we must accept insults, requests and so on. By reacting leniently like this we carry out the law “an eye for an eye” . However this is not enough because we still are not crating anything positively good.

Matthew 5:39-42 lines contains an idea which could be briefly identified with the word “double”. Why double? When a good man believes in one God, he knows that everyone is equal before God. Hence he also understands that all of his good deeds and the heavenly remuneration for them is not his merit. He understands that God might have created him bad as well. This is very shocking. There are people like St.Paul and St. Augustine who understands this well because they at one point in their lifes looked like eternelly dammed but only thanks to the will of God had become good and righteous. These saints who, I have mentioned were regularly thanking God and did not accept any glory for themselves. They agreed to endure any suffering, any trials for the goal that God transfigured as many other people like He did with them.

The saints hey seek (fulfilling the will of God), that people would become not only equal before God, but also equal in glory as characters of this Divine story. Such a story would not be frightening to any possible character anymore. This is why you need to do everything “double” so as to do this new level equation. You take the first suffering out of sheer equality because you once also made others to suffer. To do otherwise would be simply wrong. But you also take the second suffering because you want to change the Divine story and get the equality to an advanced level. Preople who behave like this want that everybody were equal in goodness. Jesus Christ acted in a logical fashion when he did not throw a stone on the sinful girl or when he let people to nail him on the cross. Because otherwise he would have executed the Law but only out of selfishness. But he cared for others and all the people were waiting for this kind of Mesiah to come.
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Re: turn the other cheek

Postby Alec » Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:50 pm

These are great inspiring words, indeed... But what if some degenerate will use it to his own advantage? I mean he may outwit the good guys since he is damn sure what is the next step they gonna take...
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Re: turn the other cheek

Postby Cyrus1 » Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:14 am

“But what if some degenerate will use it to his advantage? I mean he may outwit the good guys since he is damn sure what the next step is they going to take...”

The concept of second cheek is important only in situations, where it brings astonishment to the wrongdoer. That’s the whole beauty of teaching others through shocking experiences. To turn another cheek to somebody who tries to manipulate you, would mean that you are an accessory to his sin. That’s why Jesus told us “do not throw pearls to pigs”. Also those villains are making transgressions against Holy Spirit and it is not the same as to make transgression against Jesus.

There are two distinct ways of teaching others. We call them “the carrots” and “the sticks”. First we tend to use carrots. We give what they request and we even give twice more. If this is not enough for them to become a better man, we administer the “sticks”. Therefore if you see a sign of faith on somebody (for example a cross) do not immediately consider that person as an easy prey but instead feel a respectful fear. Remember that God praised people for fearing Him. Analogy goes further. If there is a reason to fear God, there is also a smaller yet still a viable reason to fear the believers also.

Jesus wasn't always a meek lamb. Remember He forcefully had thrown a whole market out of the Temple. Also consider this: being put on the cross is the part of "the carrots", but the "second coming" depicted in the book of Revelations to John is the part of "the sticks". Jesus clearly said to the bystanders on the way to Golgota "weep not for me but for yourselves and your children". In other words they should weep for the part of "the sticks" awaiting them.
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