Zeal for your house will consume me

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Zeal for your house will consume me

Postby Cyrus1 » Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:03 pm

Zeal for your house will consume me

First of all, it is necessary to understand what is "faith." Lets start from an example of the biblical egyptians. Did these people believed in a Jewish God? Did they comply with the decrees of God, did they pray? No. Was that because they did not believe? No. There were substantial grounds to believe Jewish God because they saw amazing wonders and miracles when Moses asked Pharaoh to let him and his nation leave the land of Egypt. All the performance was only intended for the heart of the Pharaoh to become as hard as a stone. If there was merely a matter of withdrawal of Jews from Egypt land, God could do it on the first day. But no He did not. The goal was to show that Jews had really believed in true Almighty God. The result was that the egyptians and Pharaoh himself acknowledged that God was with the Jews. But this recognition of God is not the same as faith in God. They did recognize it out of fear only. They never truly believed in this God, because faith only comes from freedom and love. Egyptians still remained faithfull to their gods, because they loved those gods. They loved them even though they were fake gods. Why? Because Egyptians opted for them out of freedom not out of fear.

I talk about true faith . However I clearly realize how complex it is. So I just say what is the true faith for information purposes only. There is no violence. After all, it would not bring any benefit, because true faith can not be put in others by violence. It is impossible to forcibly put it into somebody. It even may happen that somebody wants to have true faith but he fails to acquire it only because it was not meant for him. Faith is only a gift from God. If God will not give it, you wont get it whether it be by violence or by deception. I want that people have the true faith or at least that they follow those who have it but it all must come out of free choise and people must be honest. Impostors are not alowed. Make-believers are acceptable for all other world religions, because they need numbers, cash, but I need only true faith. I will pass on my thoughts, although I must admit, I have little hope that somebody will listen because I realize that no matter how many efforts I make it will happen only if God wishes so.

So, in my understanding the violence can't make anyone happy. When I wish happiness for people, I desire that they acquire the true faith. Then they will believe in good God and will become happy. Faith comes out of love and freedom. If you will not sense faith, then so be it. God forbids you to look to the same God as the genuine believer but with grievance because you were forced to do it. In such a way the image of good God would be spoiled in the eyes of the true believer who do not want the house of God be stained by anyone with dirty heart. Stay out of the Temple! God whom you are cursing is certainly not the same as that found within the Temple, you simply do not recognize good God yet, and therefore you can't say anyhing about Him. And if you try forcefully to get into the temple of God with soiled shoes, ie mad images of God, you will be expeled, although doing so is certainly not a pleasant thing.

There is in Bible a good saying: "Zeal for your house will consume me" (John 2:17, New International Version). Cleansing of the temple means that somebody is expelled. This is the biggest menace to the Holy man, as the foundation of his faith is being shaken. After all, if the person knowingly refuses to take what really is better for him, this stands as a blow to the faith in good God. Probably it would be more pleasant to forcibly gather all the people to the Temple since it would be on their own well-being. However, it should not be done this way. The Temple must be clean. Ir takes a painstaking and continous work to keep it clean. It is therefore necessary to make people understand that they can enter the Temple on their own free volition only.

Jesus drove away merchants from the Temple and this frightened chief priests and teachers of the law, “because the whole crowd was amazed at his teaching" (Mark 11:18, New International Version). It is written in Psalm 69:9 “for zeal for your house consumes me, and the insults of those who insult you fall on me” (New International Version). What does this mean? The merchants were angry because they could not do business and the chief priests were also angry because they like the current religious leaders were most interested in the numbers of followers and revenues. Therefore this diligent work of Jesus posed an immediate threat to them. However, this is not the reason why Jesus or saints get worried. It hurts to them a lot because people do not listen to them, as if God Himself would have made them specially deaf to not hear good news. Since we believe in good God, this question is asked: how can this happen that some people are made deaf so that they will never listen to what is said to them about true faith? I don not know the answer yet but we have the obligation to chase away dirty people from the Temple. Of course this is done with the pain in our heart, because anyone can imagine what grim situation is waiting for them outside the Temple.
I am seeking for the way to bring all the people to the House of God, that no one was left the field outside. It is a fact that people come to the Temple of God usually only out of fear, coercion or even bad intentions. So they are dirty. However, clean ones are only those who come voluntarily for the love of God, with the true faith. Then in their heart (Temple) dwells good God.
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