about Karma

about Karma

Postby Cyrus1 » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:42 pm

Karma is an evil thing and it can really hurt you. The constant conflict between our desires and the Universe is coming back through Karma actions directed against our health and ability to live long life. If you want to live a long life and be healthy you have to leave all problems aside, to concentrate in meditation, forget all desires, take things as they are and do not try to change them. The problem is that a desire to make this world a better place also is in conflict with the Universe.

I want to have a good, healthy life but the problem is that I still will not be happy. Even if I was succesfull in living a long life and leaving my children and other generations with good Karma I still would perish in the last day of my life because of the thought that I did nothing to change this world for the better. Even if I am succesfull it still hurts me to see other people suffer even if it is so because of their own stupid mistakes. I hate to hear news telling about accidents, litlle children dying in flame of fire, unborn babies, torture of other people and so on. It is good that God me made as I am that I can understand many things but He might have made me different also. What would I do then? I see it as my duty to take care of other people. I must at least foreworn them. In conlusion I would like to ask you to follow at least the 10 commandments of God. If you do so you will be left unhurt from Karma to a great extent and will have a far more confortable life. It is possible to be a good person and evade Karma action but only with one exception. The wish to change spiritual world for the better will mean constant attacks by Karma which may result in your early death. However those who will resort to fighting with the current spiritual world order until death can be consoled by Jesus words that only whose who do not fear to lose their life, who leaves everythig and follows him, only those will be together with Him.

Lots of bright people tried to find the way to make world better. But they failed. They only managed a way to turn their heads from the problems of this world. Through meditation and other things they do escape Karma. But the world is not better. It is easy to escape Karma if you live alone, have no desires, eat vegetaric food with your mind calm at all times, not worrying about anything. I think Buddah leaft this world in peace. He escaped but he did not made this world a better place to live. He left guidance how to follow him. If every people could do the same as Buddah we could all escape this world but the world would nat become a better place either. I cannot imagine Buddah on the cross dying for my salvation. I think that we must change this world and not go away from it cowardly. Jesus Christ brought revolutionary ideas for us to do it. Certainly Jesus Christ did not care how to escape this world, He came here for us and he was involved this world as much as we are. To do so is not for a man's strength it is only possible for Him, for He himself was God.
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