one God intro

one God intro

Postby Cyrus1 » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:33 pm

1. There is only one God. True faith is to believe this. If you believe in this you acknowledge that people have no free will, that they are not responsible for anything. But this does not exculpate from the wrongs done. You are still punishable. You are blamed for the technical act even though you do not have free will. Therefore saints can force anyone to give account every time they please (remember the tree which got cursed by Jesus for not yielding fruits in the winter time which was impossible and yet this is not exculpating the tree). Saints are also masters of those in debt. Saints are also specially excused for their misbehavior (remember Elijah on the hill) and although everyone is equal before the God, here on Earth due to the illusion there is no parity between people. Blessed are those who are of some advantage to the saints because they gain their share of God’s blessing. Remember the customs officer who might have done a lot of wrong but he accommodated Jesus and did everything He pleased thus gaining his share of God’s blessing.
It is vital to understand the importance of saints. They are the link between people and God's love. Without saints there is no salvation. It is a matter of great examination who is the real saint but the fact remains that true saints are the most important thing in this life. If you happened not to be a saint the only right way is to get your share of saint's blessing. Spiritual and physycal help is of equal importance.

2. Since God is Almighty the outcome is what matters. Therefore the traditional vision of the reason - consequence sequence should be reversed. Everything serves the final outcome. Therefore the reason is really “outcome” and the consequences are the preceding events. This being the truth it is evident why it is stupid to revenge since you make yourself responsible for the wrongs suffered. And everything stupid shows the lack of God’s love toward you. He wouldn't have created you a liar if He loved you.

3. This world is ruled solely by the “prince of this world”. Best description would be that he has deficiencies and therefore can’t do many things right. Since this world is defective the pity of people goes beyond its realms and in return the outer world sends agents to destroy this world. These agents do everything to make people abhor this world. They are the spirits that inflict killings, wrong behavior, etc. In return this world is protecting itself. You can name this karma or anything else. The point is that it takes direct action without any mercy toward the human being which was taken previously or is at the moment taken by the outer world agents. Now this karma action is double evil. What does it do? It sends accidents, illnesses, etc. Its aim is to destroy a human being in order to save the world or more exactly the current order of the things in the world. The problem is that almost all people are children of this world and has initial deficiency which makes it possible for the agents to penetrate. Children that are not from this world suffer together with the rest. They have however the knowledge and have some advantages. The more of them are, the weaker the prince of this world becomes. Saints are able to do especially big damage to the prince by their deeds. The fatal one was done by the Jesus Christ himself. He effectively in an organized fashion had mocked the foundation of this world because He dared to loose his life for the benefit of others. Remember "if try to save your life you will lose it". The problem with the prince is that he fails to guard the saints. This provokes them to become dissatisfied with their life. And this stands as a condemnation on the deficiency of this world leading to an effective end of it. Therefore the end of the world is really not a tragic event, on the opposite, true believer waits for it like the apostles had waited for it. But the end of the world will not result in physical deformation of the universe; it will result in transformation in spiritual terms.
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Re: one God intro

Postby Alec » Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:11 pm

You know that's one good website... really caught my attention. I have some questions for you. Anyway, keep doing what you do and stay sincere, cause that is what matters the most...
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