What is good and what is bad?

What is good and what is bad?

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If we would look right into the matter, basically the “good” is everything that gives pleasure and spares us from suffering. Unfortunately practical situations are not homogeneous; they are cumulative of various aspects, so it may happen that the initial brief pleasure may in reality bring long-term trouble. In such a case the evaluation will show different conclusion of what is “good” and what is “bad” or “evil”.

If there is no God, if there is no afterlife, if there is no spiritual world, all we take into consideration is only perception whether things give pleasure or not. Let’s take an example of rape. For the villain it is “good” since it gives him pleasure. It is “bad” for the victim since it brings suffering. This problem of violence will never disappear if people will stay faithless. Naturally, they tend to do just what they please and if they can empower the victim they will proceed. Here nobody cares about others. However this situation does not suit everyone because it does not allow for a harmonious and steady lifestyle. So, more advanced human beings finds a solution that it is necessary to limit pleasures and stop the war of everybody against everybody.

We find the first level above the chaos. Here people are starting to refuse to undergo the first impulsive pleasure pursuit. Men stop raping women, because they realize that the short-term pleasure will bring long-term suffering, since now they will be put in jail or executed. Now rape becomes a “bad” thing even for the perpetrator.

The second level is the realization that this life does not end with physical death. Eastern religions talk about other lives and major monotheistic religions talk about one eternal afterlife. Circumstances of life after death in all cases are considered to be determined by person’s life until death. Emphasis is placed on afterlife because it is eternal state of being while this present life is only passing state of being. Therefore current life is considered less important in the sense that it is worthy to abstain from endless pleasure pursuit and rather to suffer now then to suffer far more and eternally after death. People now have a different vision of what is good and what is bad. Some agree to suffer a lot for the sake of the future after death. Let me show you the practical instance of difference between the first level and the second. For example, we saw that on the first level the rapist is refusind to commit that crime, because he knows that he will spend another ten years in jail, but if he becomes aware that he will die on the next day, he will go and rape. However, on the second level, even in the latter circumstances the rapist would abstain from the crime because even if he dies tomorrow, he knows that for a rape he is going to spend an eternal sentence in hell.

Third level is a general belief in Almighty God (also known as faith HOW THINGS ARE). Here we learn that hell is not simply a punishment for specific deeds but instead hell is timeless understanding that you are not loved by God. You get that understanding when you see that your position in hell was preordained and all these sinful deeds were only an excuse, an instrument to justify it. This sensation is like as if you were caught in the eternal fire and it hurts more than anything.

The fourth level is a specific faith in Almighty God (also known as the faith HOW IT SHOULD BE). Here we find no evil, because we believe that God loves everyone. We believe that the bad things are only illusionary and passing because eventually God will reveal the true reality that indeed everyone is loved by him. Here we believe that there is no eternal hell. We find console in the fact that the hell is thrown into a burning pit. And that is so-called second death.

OK, let’s return to the definition of evil in the light of Christian faith.

Here we find the rules telling us what are we going to get if we do what God does not like. God does not like killing, but he cares about the killer. Why care about the killer? Because God does not like evil. Killers get eternal sufferings in hell. This is real evil. Any action for which you deserve hell is evil. So, an actual evil affects only the killer, not the victim. If you hate somebody with all your heart, that person will never go to hell but you will go for your hatred. It is not a sin to be murdered, beaten, or despised. You will not go to hell for these things but the offender will go. After all, Jesus said that evil arises from within rather than from the outside. He had in mind that you just can not do evil to another person, only to yourself. Of course, it always hurts to the victim, but these sufferings are only short-term and therefore only resembles true evil.
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